Van şehrinin İran’la sınırı vardır. Burada gelişen bir İran topluluğu vardır ama Türk imanlıların sayısı çok az. Şehir 1917’de yıkılmış ve sonra tekrar kurulmuştur.

Price paid by their ancestors

Van fotoğrafı
Van - Old Armenian church

A team from a church in Armenia travelled the circuitous route to come to Turkey, since the land border with Armenia is closed. They have a passion to see reconciliation between Turks and Armenians and that the blood of the martyrs might be seeds of new churches in Turkey! In Van, they've been amazed how open people are to them being both Christians and Armenians. They've had so many opportunities to share with people. They prepared a picnic at Lake Van and invited the many Turkish and Kurdish contacts that they've made. They were able to share and continue to build relationships. One couple hopes to remain to see a house church start!