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Standing firm

Tunceli fotoğrafı
Tunceli - Standing firm photo curtesy of East Mountain Vineyard Church

The team in Tunceli prayed and asked God to show them who He wanted them to talk with. They had an impression about two women so the women went out looking. They lost the first ones they saw in a crowd but then saw two sitting on a bench. They sat with them but they weren't interested in discussing religion as they said they didn't believe in anything. The team continued to share personal stories and testimonies from the Bible but they still didn't seem interested. Finally, they asked if they could pray for them and God gave them specific words to pray. The women were very impacted by this! The team left literature on God's love and are praying these women will see the truth. The men unfortunately were stopped by aggressive police who threatened them with arrest if they continued sharing. But the two local believers there stood up to them boldly, proclaiming Jesus as the only way! When the police insisted the İncil has been changed they declared, "No! There are 25000 manuscripts before the fourth century!" What a blessing to see them stand so firm for Christ!

  • An independent spirit

    Tunceli fotoğrafı

    The team see in Tunceli the spirit of Romans 1: "..they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than... Daha fazlasına ulaşın

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