Şanlıurfa’nın adı Edessa’ydı, Nestoryan Hıristiyanlığının merkeziydi. Haçlı Seferlerinde galip gelen Müslümanlar ve yıkılan kiliselerle çok acı bir şekilde yenildi. Bir araya gelmekte zorlanan bazı imanlılıar var.

Sweet fellowship

Şanlıurfa fotoğrafı

A believer in a town in Şanlıurfa province invited the team to come visit him. He and his friend are the only believers in town. The team met with them and the two were very encouraged as they shared their struggles as believers. They also invited their friends and the team was able to share many gospel truths with them as well. One of the friends invited the team to stay at his house. The men slept under the stars while the women stayed inside the house. They were also able to spend time with the daughter of the family who is a religion teacher. The team had prayed for people to have dreams and for them to meet those people. Well, the girl had had a dream where she could hear foreign languages but she had never met a foreigner! Then without planning it, here comes a group of Christians, speaking foreign languages! The team gave her a New Testament and asked that in her world religions class, she teach the truth about God and Jesus. Pray for this girl to come to a saving knowledge of the truth!

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    Şanlıurfa fotoğrafı

    The famous fish pond in Şanlıurfa was an excellent place to interact with people. The team spoke to a group of disillusioned young guys and they... Daha fazlasına ulaşın

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