Niğde Kapadokya bölgesinin bir parçasıdır ama turistler tarafından genellikle gözardı edilir. Burada sadece bir kaç imanlı vardır. 20 yıldan az bir süredir bir üniversite şehridir ve öğrencilerin ruhsal olarak daha açık olma ihtimali var.

Striking the ground

Niğde fotoğrafı
Niğde University

As we got to Niğde, we looked over the city and listened to the song "Strike the ground on the wells of revival"...the chorus says "Bring the rain!" We entered the city and asked God to lead us. We went to a restaurant and prayed for our waiters Emre and Okan. While we were eating, a refugee from Afghanistan came up and tried to speak English with us. So we prayed for Adil and bought his lunch. Then we went to the cultural centre to get a map of Niğde. We met Mehmet who took care of us. We were looking for the Ogretmen Evi and so Mehmet took us there. We found out he was born at 7 months and couldn't hear out of his right ear. So we prayed for a miracle for him that God would give him hearing. We didn't see the miracle but said if he hears, to please call us so we can praise God together. Then we met with two students from Africa who are believers and we took them to the University where they're doing studies. As we prayed over the University, it started raining! We struck the ground on the wells of revival in Niğde and they started bursting forth!