Mersin şu anda en büyük şehir olsa da Tarsus’lu Pavlus İçel’dendir. Nüfus’un %70’i doğudan gelmiştir. Burada şaşırtıcı bir şekilde üç küçük kilise ve müjdeciliğe meraklı olan bir kaç imanlı vardır.

Fruitful words and prayers

Mersin fotoğrafı

The team had a fruitful time meeting people along the seafront! They met Semih, a Kurdish man, who was very open for prayer and who took a New Testament. He right away started reading it out loud! When they met him again later, he said he had spent two hours reading it. The team brought along a guitar and helped him experience Christian worship while others also had meaningful conversations. The next day the team went to a refugee camp where, thanks to an Arabic translator, they prayed for many sick people and saw one lady, Necla, healed! She invited them for tea and they spent several more hours sharing with her. Her husband received an Arabic Bible as did several others. The rest of the time was spent with the children, doing skits, sharing Bible stories and even being able to give them Arabic children's Bibles. Please pray for the Word of God to bear much fruit!