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Counting the cost

Kahramanmaraş fotoğrafı
Kahramanmaraş - reading the New Testament

The guys met up with A who had noticed that in 'Christian' countries, people were more educated and worked more honestly. This pushed him to get a New Testament and read it.He has been reading it for a while now and had many excellent questions. As they they talked, he opened up sharing more of his own struggles and doubts. Towards the end of the evening, he asked "...so, if I believed...what do I need to do to be saved?" The team connected him with local workers in this city. They also met with a young man studying religious studies and hoping to be an imam! He had visited Aya Sofya once in Istanbul which launched him into researching Christianity. He had many questions and after a three hour conversation, the team introduced him as well to a local believer. Pray that the local believers would become faithful, praying friends to these two serious seekers and that these men might drink deep of the water of life!

  • Overcoming fear

    Kahramanmaraş fotoğrafı

    The girls on the team went to a shoe shop where they met a couple of friendly girls who had never met any Christians before and wanted to know what... Daha fazlasına ulaşın

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