Birinci Dünya Savaşındaki olaylardan dolayı nüfusunun neredeyse üçte ikisini kaybeden zavallı Bitlis için ağlayın. Buradaki birçok manastır ve kilise neredeyse yokedildi. Bitlis’te Tanrı’nın görkeminin duyurulması gerekiyor.

On the verge of faith

Bitlis fotoğrafı
Bitlis - God's word

The very first evening in Bitlis, two of the team were sitting by the water praying for open hearts when two Kurdish guys plopped down next to them. They spent the next three hours sharing with them about Jesus. They claimed to be atheists, but felt an emptiness. The guys shared how God can reveal Himself and fill that emptiness. They preached the whole Gospel and prayed with them. A few days later, more guys on the team joined Bill and Dan to continue their talk with the guys. Interest was at an all-time high! A four hour discussion began with not a moment of boredom or disinterest. They engaged with historical and logical proof presented by the team; one of the guys had also been praying for two days that God would reveal Himself to him. After four hours of intense talk and tea, they all agreed that the only thing standing in the way of their believing was time for them to think and for Jesus to reveal Himself the way He wanted to. They were excited to accept New Testaments and other literature, as well as the phone number of a believer in a neighbouring city. Pray!

  • Women and children first

    Bitlis fotoğrafı

    The ladies went out in a residential area in Bitlis province and two ladies invited them to sit with them. They asked the ladies what the Kur'an... Daha fazlasına ulaşın

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