Ankara Türkiye’nin başkenti, Kutsal Kitap’taki Galatya bölgesidir. Modern cumhuriyetin kurucusu olan Atatürk’ün mezarı buradadır. Burada sağlam, yerel liderlerin bulunduğu 4-5 kilise vardır. Etkili bir çocuk hizmetinin de merkezidir.

Summer in the park with God

Ankara fotoğrafı

The team in Ankara was able to make good contact with three university students in a park. One girl had even visited a church before! Asking why the team was in Turkey, the team explained how God had led them. Bonnie was able to share some of her testimony which had the three girls listening intently. Though they weren't willing to accept literature, pray that God would reveal himself to each of these girls. The whole team became friendly with a married couple who invited them all to tea. The conversation easily turned to spiritual things. Yeşim believed that all ways lead to God, as many secular people do. The team tried to explain some of these stubborn misconceptions about Christianity and in the end, Yeşim did accept a book on that topic and promised to read it. Meanwhile, the guys were able to share the whole Gospel with Mahmut, who listened very politely and didn't seem to disagree even with the parts that Muslims often object to. He also accepted a book. Please pray for this couple, that God might call them together to believe and serve Him!