Aksaray’ın tarihi çok eskidir ama buradaki ilk kiliseler taviz göstererek başka inançlarla Hıristiyan inancı karıştırarak gücünü yitirmiştir. Şu anda sadece 1-2 imanlı var ama hiç kilise yok. Aksaray tuz endüstrisinin merkezidir.

Finding cracks in Aksaray

Aksaray fotoğrafı
Aksaray University

The team in Aksaray writes: "We drove into Aksaray and went to the Ulu Cami and prayed for the hundreds of men waiting for the prayer time. Prayed that God would reveal himself to them as they bowed down! Then we prayed over the area where the Red Crescent was doing a blood drive. We prayed that the blood that was given would save lives and that all the people who worked at the tent and went in and out of the tent would know that Jesus gave His blood to save their lives. We talked to two teenagers in a park and asked how we could pray for them. Ender (17) wants to be a judge, and Zeliha (16) wants to be a pilot. So we prayed God would bless them and give them success in their dreams and desires. We met an Armenian background Kurd who is studying in the department of religion. He has also written in before to the Bible Corrrespondence Course. He is talking with others about what he's reading and as a result, some people have complained. The dean has had to step in and fortunately has taken Ender's side. We prayed around the department that God's truth would be revealed!