Adıyaman’ın gururu Türkiye’nin en ünlü anıtlarından biri olan Nemrut Dağı’dır. Burada fakirlik ve düşük okuma yazma düzeyi etkindir. Burada bir avuç dolusu imanlı iki küçük ev kilisesinde toplanmaktadır. İsa Adıyaman’lılar için öldü.

Acts 8, continued

Adıyaman fotoğrafı
Adıyaman - Reading the Old Testament

As the team was leaving Adıyaman by bus, they realised the guy in front of them was reading the Old Testament from his phone! Dean asked him what he was reading and he said he wanted to read all the religious books. Dean told him he actually taught from those books! The man's eyes lit up. He said that until that morning he had been a serious Muslim, following Islam as closely as he could. But that exact morning he had woken up with a sense of "what if all I believe is wrong?" He decided that very morning that he will put Islam aside until he reads all the holy books. What followed was a beautiful three hour, in-depth discussion opening up Scripture and showing him how Christ is the Saviour of all the world. The team was able to leave him with some literature and in awe he said, "What are the chances that this morning I decided to research more and now you end up sitting behind me? This is not a coincidence." No coincidence indeed. Dean exchanged numbers with him and they will keep in touch. Please pray for this man to find the truth.