Zonguldak is the largest coal producing area in Turkey but imported natural gas has reduced the need. Zonguldak's population is decreasing. Let's see the few believers grow into the first church in this province.

We plow the field and scatter #2

Photo from Zonguldak

“Where are you from?” asked a teenage girl in with a heavy accent. We briefly got to know Melek and her relatives and they invited us to see their village the next day. About an hour’s ride out of the city, their village was bursting with almost every fruit imaginable and flowers bloomed everywhere. We had high hopes that the seeds we would plant that day would fall on fertile soil. However when I began to shared my testimony with them, hostility filled the air and the ladies interrupted me with cries of of “Heresy!” and “God forbid!” However one younger mother seemed to be genuinely seeking the truth. As we were leaving, she accepted a New Testament. Praise God we were able to love on these ladies and share with them. Pray God will soften their hearts and give them a hunger for the truth. As we traveled out of the village, a friendly university student on the dolmus invited us to tea with her friends. We shared that our faith in Jesus Christ is most important to us and challenged them to think about eternity in the decisions they make now. They accepted a DVD and literature from us.

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    "Our time in Zonguldak started off with a member of our team tracting each minibus that came through the stop at which we were waiting. When our... more

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