Zonguldak is the largest coal producing area in Turkey but imported natural gas has reduced the need. Zonguldak's population is decreasing. Let's see the few believers grow into the first church in this province.

All tongues and tribes

Photo from Zonguldak

A creative arts team travelled to Zonguldak and had some amazing opportunities! Splitting into pairs and small groups, two of the women headed off to where they felt God was sending them and were able to give out a significant amount of literature. Some of the guys went into the hills. While praying and sharing with people, they met an Iranian believer who had not had much fellowship. Later, the team was worshiping in Turkish in a café when the café owner approached them, pointed to a woman and said, "That lady wants to know more about Jesus." Two of the team went to sit with her and her friend and had a wonderful, in depth conversation where they were able to share the gospel clearly. The team later began their marionette show on the seaside, but were shut down by the authorities. Instead, the team went again into small groups to share with people and some of the guys had an amazing time with some curious Iraqis and were able to give them Christian literature in Arabic. Three different languages in one day - God is drawing them all!