Yozgat shows little sign of modernisation and has almost no believers. It is the center of a nationalistic political party whose symbol is the wolf. Yozgat instead needs to know the slain Lamb who died for their sins.

A meaningful gift

Photo from Yozgat

The team going to Yozgat decided to base themselves in a smaller city in the province. The team was divided into two groups and went out to connect with people and gift some literature. They had been giving literature only after making meaningful connections with people and always gave the New Testament gift wrapped. Some team members met ladies working with wool on the street, and Emel, who is a small home-style restaurant owner with cancer received the ‘gift’ and prayer. She invited the group to her restaurant for dinner the next day. Some team members went to a grocery store in another residential area to buy a soccer ball and gave some sweets to children playing nearby. The lady at the shop offered tea and engaging conversations followed. Soon a number of children and ladies living around the area gathered. Before leaving, the team bought supplies to give to a Syrian refugee family living in the area and gave the lady the ‘gift’. Other ladies asked whether they can have one too. So several of them were given out, all of which were requested and gratefully accepted.