Yozgat shows little sign of modernisation and has almost no believers. It is the center of a nationalistic political party whose symbol is the wolf. Yozgat instead needs to know the slain Lamb who died for their sins.

Meeting on the mountain

Photo from Yozgat

Two believers who came to know the Lord through the BCC 8 years ago invited a hundred people to their village and asked us to come and help them serve food and present the good news. The Belediye Yardımcısı, Ömer, arranged the loan of chairs and tables and brought them to a mountain top. There was nothing there and no village to be seen. There were only some small sheds for shepherds. But God brought more than fifty people there. They heard worship songs, saw a drama and heard a message about the lost son. The believers gave their testimonies with joy. The people had a lot of questions to ask us. Two who we spoke to were university students who are course contacts. They had heard we were coming and came from their village by bus. Many village people said that they had been touched in their hearts. Several cried during the drama and one came to confess he was like the lost son. The two believers have suffered much persecution but people still come to them for prayer. Pray that Harry and Hope would themselves be strengthened in their spirits.