Yozgat shows little sign of modernisation and has almost no believers. It is the center of a nationalistic political party whose symbol is the wolf. Yozgat instead needs to know the slain Lamb who died for their sins.

Fruits of faithfulness

One of the BCC workers who used to do the follow up for Yozgat has shared this encouraging story of a visit back to Yozgat after many years: After over 10 years I visited Harry and Hope as part of our outreach. It was an incredible reunion! First of all, Hope cried for more than a minute, as she hugged me. When we brought up all the old stories, I realized how much the four visits back then together with another colleague had meant to her (and also to Harry), and how important they had been for their faith. But not only for them, but also for me and my love for the country and the Turkish people. God used my very limited language back then and those simple visits to strengthen and equip them as young believers. And they are still walking with the Lord today – in spite of incredible opposition and resistance! I'm so proud of them! How often in our lives does it happend that something we say or do which seems very small to us, can be a key experience in the life of someone else!

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