A flourishing Iranian fellowship reveals Van's border with Iran. Sadly, the number of Turkish believers is very small. The city was destroyed in 1917 and rebuilt - it's time to see the Kingdom built as well.

Mercy ministry in action

Photo from Van

Not `new` but we want to acknowledge the amazing efforts of the believers in Van to care for those affected by the two earthquakes there this past winter. Hundreds of temporary shelters were erected, clothing distributed and thousands of meals served. Here are some observations of a church leader in Yalova who visited early on: "Although the earthquake was a tragedy for the region, it turned out to be also a great opportunity for the church to become visible by showing love and care to the needy. Some of the believers who had been passive before were exposed to mercy ministry and by this have grown in faith and ministry. The church itself became more visible in the neighborhood and gained credibility in the society. People who never dared to enter the church are coming on a daily basis and good conversations happen, even people being saved. Van had always a large group of poor people, but since the earthquake the church became active in reaching out and serving them. There is a great opportunity for the church now and it is desirable to continue with the outreach to the poor."