Uşak has a high concentration of Turkmen, whose carpets have helped the province achieve fame. Crime has been a problem. There has been little spiritual interest or fruit here - come sow the seed!

An eager reception!

Photo from Uşak

Two young ladies who live in different cities in Turkey, for the love of Uşak, decided to travel there to share the good news. Using a leaflet called "You are Special", they prayed and walked through the streets of Uşak, joyfully distributing more than a hundred of these leaflets. People ran across the street to see what these smiling foreigners were handing out! During their walks, they were able to share with various women, praying for two of them and giving them DVDs. Will you water these seeds with your prayers?

  • Gathering as well as sowing

    Thumbnail photo from Uşak

    The two ladies who visited Uşak to share stayed with S, a believing friend who has found no other fellowship in the city. She is keeping her faith... more

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