Uşak has a high concentration of Turkmen, whose carpets have helped the province achieve fame. Crime has been a problem. There has been little spiritual interest or fruit here - come sow the seed!

Seeds sown

As we walked through the park one evening, we saw a group of friends lighting candles on a birthday cake. We ran over and began serenading them with an enthusiastic version of Happy Birthday! They invited us to sit down and during the course of the conversation we shared out testimonies and our hope in Jesus and prayed for the Birthday boy. Another day, we asked three students where the closest BIM market was. After purchasing our own bag of sunflower seeds to share, we happened to find the same students who invited us to sit with them. When they asked why we were in Uşak, we explained a bit about our relationship with God and how we came to Uşak to pray for students and for the city in general, that God would reveal Himself to the people here and make His love known to us. They were stunned! During our conversation as we got to know each other, we could easily speak of God and our love for him and his love for us. For the first time they began to see difference between religion and a living, loving relationship with God whom we call our Best Friend.

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