Uşak has a high concentration of Turkmen, whose carpets have helped the province achieve fame. Crime has been a problem. There has been little spiritual interest or fruit here - come sow the seed!

Jesus is the final sacrifice

Photo from Uşak

A group of six believers from Izmir visited this province for a day. They divided into two small groups. The first group (including a believer from the Philippines) got invited to the home of a very religious couple whose son is married to a Filipina and lives in the Philippines where he spreads his religion. The father, who was reading their Holy Book as the group walked in, was very interested in the faith centered conversation that followed. The group got to share their testimonies, pray for the family, and leave them with an evangelistic DVD as a parting gift. The other group was prepared to reach people with the real message of the sacrifice holiday that was coming up. They distributed about 200 brochures declaring Jesus as the final sacrifice before being stopped by the authorities. Pray for these seeds to grow!