Tunceli is one of the most mountainous areas of Turkey. Its attractive surroundings are marred by the effects of terrorism and unrest. A strong military presence makes it a difficult place to visit. But God has not given up on Tunceli.

An independent spirit

Photo from Tunceli

The team see in Tunceli the spirit of Romans 1: "..they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator..." There is an independent spirit and a lot of people believe they only need themselves, nearly worshipping creation (sun, water, etc). Some on the team had a conversation with a man, a young woman and a young man in a bookstore. The older man strenuously objected to what they were sharing but the young woman was much more open. She admitted to being a Deist - believed in a god but didn't yet know what his name was. One of the girls on the team felt from the Lord to tell her that she felt Jesus had a special purpose for her but she had to ask Him what it was. She felt led to give her a New Testament and the girl was eager to receive one! They also gave her an SD card with many more Christian materials on it. The team is praying she will encounter Jesus in her dreams. Pray that the Lord would speak to her.

  • Standing firm

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    The team in Tunceli prayed and asked God to show them who He wanted them to talk with. They had an impression about two women so the women went out... more

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