Tunceli is one of the most mountainous areas of Turkey. Its attractive surroundings are marred by the effects of terrorism and unrest. A strong military presence makes it a difficult place to visit. But God has not given up on Tunceli.

Amazing opportunity!

Photo from Tunceli

The team had an amazing opportunity to prepare a bookstand in the city centre. Putting up a sign that offered a free New Testament and declaring true love to be found in Jesus, they boldly laid out Scriptures, Christian books and DVDs. They had had many good conversations with people, many accepted gospel material and many received prayer from team members. Later in the afternoon the one known believer in Tunceli approached the group at the stand and offered to help! He was a huge blessing - he shared his testimony boldly with visitors. It was a wonderful opportunity for him also to have fellowship and grow in faith. During the whole evening the team was able to hand out many tracts and DVDs to people. They were grateful and amazed by all the good opportunities they had in Tunceli to share the good news about Jesus with the people there.

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