Tunceli is one of the most mountainous areas of Turkey. Its attractive surroundings are marred by the effects of terrorism and unrest. A strong military presence makes it a difficult place to visit. But God has not given up on Tunceli.

The pain of bondage

Photo from Tunceli

"Wandering around the city at night, we found a young guy sitting out by the scenic valley. He said, 'You guys found the wrong guy to talk to, I’m just a worthless drunk, don’t mind me.' We told him we were just sinners too and how much Christ has loved us, We had a good long talk with him. He had a really rough life full of drugs and hurt. 'If there's a God, he can't just leave us stranded here,' he said. He also longed for the old days when the older guys would slap him for smoking on the street, or he would run far away and hide just to drink one beer. 'Now we're free to do whatever, wherever... but we're not free, being enslaved to these substances is not freedom.' We talked about God reaching out to us in Christ and his death and resurrection setting us truly free, urging him to accept his salvation. Pray for this sad young man to find true Life.

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