Trabzon has been occupied by both Greeks and Russians in its past. Smuggling and prostitution have had a negative effect and some highly publicised murders were carried out by men from Trabzon. But a handful of believers continue to meet.

Beyond the veil

Photo from Trabzon
Trabzon - Monastery

It was great that TWO different teams visited Trabzon for they had very different experiences! One team visited the famous monastery and was able to share with two covered girls on the way there. Through gifting a 'gospel' bracelet, they were able to present the whole gospel to them. The women listened carefully. They also received a visit from one of their contacts that they had made in Ordu. Their new friend hadn't yet read the books they'd given her but she promised to start soon. Another team headed out to a different town in Trabzon province. They had conversations with various ladies and left materials at the doors of many homes as they walked. Then a covered religious teacher asked them to join her. She launched into her own evangelism first! But then she agreed to listen to them explain clearly what a Christian believes about how to get to heaven. When her friend came, they were able to share the gospel a second time! They parted with the team praying for the ladies and the ladies praying for them. They also showed them how to download the Incil on their phones.