Trabzon has been occupied by both Greeks and Russians in its past. Smuggling and prostitution have had a negative effect and some highly publicised murders were carried out by men from Trabzon. But a handful of believers continue to meet.

The ministry of watering

It's wonderful when short termers come to do abundant sowing - but it's equally wonderful when long term workers who know the language and culture travel to not only sow, but to water! Some longtermers traveled to Trabzon, one of the men sitting for hours with some old men and unpacking the gospel for them. One had tried over and over to download the Bible from the internet but it didn’t work. Another was disturbed because he had tried to read the Bible but couldn't find the `rules.` Islam has plenty so he said in some frustration: "Forget Jesus walking on the water....where are the rules??” Our friend really helped him understand the gospel. Another guy had read the New Testament while working in Russia but he didn’t understand it. Our friends helped him understand it. Another guy poured out his sorrows to them regarding the chronic pain he suffered in his back. One of our guys prayed for healing for him. What growth is happening as a result of this watering? Please pray for visible fruit.

  • Abundant sowing

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    An energetic team of South Africans had a wonderful time in Trabzon in the summer of 2014. They did lots of prayer walking through different towns... more

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