Trabzon has been occupied by both Greeks and Russians in its past. Smuggling and prostitution have had a negative effect and some highly publicised murders were carried out by men from Trabzon. But a handful of believers continue to meet.

Anxious for protection

Photo from Trabzon

As we were out sharing one day, I sat down next to a woman who turned out to be a teacher. She was wearing many 'eyes' to protect herself from the evil eye. I was able to share with her that God is my protector and I don’t need these kinds of things to protect me. I was then able to give her a New Testament which she was very happy to receive.

  • Freedom in Jesus

    Thumbnail photo from Trabzon

    The evening our outreach team arrived in Trabzon, I saw a woman sitting alone on the waterfront, so I went up to her and started talking. She said... more

  • Captive audience at the hairdresser

    Thumbnail photo from Trabzon

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