Tokat is known as the resting place of Henry Martyn, who first translated the New Testament into Persian. It is a conservative place - despite beautiful physical fruit in its orchards, there is little spiritual fruit. Who will go?

Christmas in July

Photo from Tokat

The team decided to have an early day of Christmas ‘gift-giving’ in Tokat. They went to the supermarket and bought many household items, sweets, toys, games and gift-wrapped them with Gospel tracks inside. They wanted to bless the refugees and people living in the very poor areas of Tokat. The team went out 2-by-2 in three groups, met several refugee families and heard their sad stories, including family members killed by the Taliban. People were so moved by unexpected gifts from the foreigners who came to pray for them. They thanked God, and several families offered their home for overnight stay. The team also distributed many New Testaments and brochures.

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