Tokat is known as the resting place of Henry Martyn, who first translated the New Testament into Persian. It is a conservative place - despite beautiful physical fruit in its orchards, there is little spiritual fruit. Who will go?

Fruitful hospitality

"A few girls on our bus to Tokat offered for us to stay with them. There was one very religious girl we felt like we should stay with, so we accepted her offer. She lives with five other girls. We all stayed up until early morning as they eagerly asked questions about our faith. We had them read different passages from the New Testament. Unlike most people we share with, they really understood Christ's sacrifice for us. One girl asked what we thought of their religion and when we replied that many of our beliefs are the same, but the main difference is how we have salvation, and that is also the most important thing. The girl commented to her friends, "There isn't really anything we can say to them since they already know they are saved and our salvation isn't certain." They said they would like to read the Bible and asked where they could get one. We gave them a New Testament as a gift which they decided they would take turns reading."