Tokat is known as the resting place of Henry Martyn, who first translated the New Testament into Persian. It is a conservative place - despite beautiful physical fruit in its orchards, there is little spiritual fruit. Who will go?

Led by the Holy Spirit

Photo from Tokat

After lunch that afternoon, the women were going to shops doing “retail ministry”. They stopped at a shop to buy Turkish coffee for home. A younger woman and her mother came out of the door, smiled at them and left, only to turn around after a few meters and come back in. There seemed to be a connection with them that was from the Lord. They gave the younger woman, who was named Fatma, a Magdalena film. Lorri took a walk, looking for women to talk to. She found two women, hidden amongst the trees, smoking on a bench. Lorri went up to them to offer them DVDs and they were so excited to meet her. Before Lorri knew it, they had bundled her off for tea! While they were chatting together, Lorri was amazed to see Fatma and her mother walk by. She introduced everybody and the five of them ended up chatting, later being joined by Vickie and Claudia. The women agreed that there seemed to be a special connection with these women that was from the Lord. Ask God to reveal truth to them.

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