There has been a city on the site of Tekirdağ since 4000 BC. Its modern version is growing as retirees from İstanbul move in. As the home of the government sponsored alcohol factory, alcoholism is a problem. Come, bring the water of life.

The saints in worship

Photo from Tekirdağ

The fellowship in Tekirdağ is small but their faith is huge! The travelling troubadors came through with their Abraham show but instead spent time with members of the fellowship, doing open worship in Turkish on the streets. It was interesting that no one hardly paused when the Turkish secular songs were played, in order to gather a crowd. But when the believers began worshipping, people stopped, transfixed. Other believers mingled amongst the crowd to talk to those who seemed interested. The locals were encouraged to worship and share in public for the first time and the troubadors were excited by the stories of how the locals were sharing their faith.

  • Ploughing the ground

    Thumbnail photo from Tekirdağ

    A Swedish team of young people prayed for Tekirdağ, a province on the Marmara Sea, before travelling there from İstanbul. God gave one girl the... more

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