There has been a city on the site of Tekirdağ since 4000 BC. Its modern version is growing as retirees from İstanbul move in. As the home of the government sponsored alcohol factory, alcoholism is a problem. Come, bring the water of life.

Boldly offering the word of truth

Photo from Tekirdağ

The team's last day in Tekirdağ, they joined with a sister from the church to set up a booktable in front of the church! The team - even the children! - prayed over the books, that God would not allow His word to return void. Later, the women visited the hairdresser that was a neighbour to the church. The owner's daughter had cancer so the team prayed for her. During the prayer, the wife of the owner was crying, she was so touched. The team was able to leave some books about God's love. Would you please intercede that the God of love would have mercy on this girl and heal her?

  • Doing what the Father is doing

    Thumbnail photo from Tekirdağ

    The team in Tekirdağ asked God to show them who to share with. One of the team saw from the Lord a man sitting on a rock near the seaside. They... more

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