There has been a city on the site of Tekirdağ since 4000 BC. Its modern version is growing as retirees from İstanbul move in. As the home of the government sponsored alcohol factory, alcoholism is a problem. Come, bring the water of life.

A baby church reaches out

Photo from Tekirdağ

A local church in Tekirdağ - only four months old - was served by a team from Asia recently. They went throughout the city to hand out tracts and church contact information to people - what a blessing that three people from the church helped them and pointed out the best places! They then went to the seaside where they performed an evangelistic drama, followed by a mime with a good news message that was After dinner, we went to the seaside. They did their first performance and were greeted by a friendly crowd. They finished up with a mime with good news message that was well received. Many people received details about the church. They moved on to a second place where again they were greeted very warmly. Prayers, testimonies and tracts were given. Before they left, one of the local brothers had a very long conversation with a man who asked many questions. The man received a New Testament. Please pray he would read it!