There has been a city on the site of Tekirdağ since 4000 BC. Its modern version is growing as retirees from İstanbul move in. As the home of the government sponsored alcohol factory, alcoholism is a problem. Come, bring the water of life.

Doing what the Father is doing

Photo from Tekirdağ

The team in Tekirdağ asked God to show them who to share with. One of the team saw from the Lord a man sitting on a rock near the seaside. They learned there was a seaside near where they were staying so they went there and sure enough, there was the man from the picture! They shared wıth him and found out he is currently living in the US so they gave him an English/Turkish Bible. He and his uncle also want to be connected to the church. Another team member met a man who had already heard the gospel but had questions. However, his wife was opposed so he asked for the team member's number. Later, he phoned and wanted to meet for tea and hear more of the truth! One of the foreign men and a local believer met a group of young men who tried to preach Islam until the believer began to give his testimony. They grew quiet and listened to the message. The last man to remain asked the brothers to pray him. Back at the hotel, the hotel receptionist was very interested in hearing about the gospel so two of the men shared with him nearly two hours! Please pray for these seeds!

  • Boldly offering the word of truth

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    The team's last day in Tekirdağ, they joined with a sister from the church to set up a booktable in front of the church! The team - even the... more

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