Sivas has historical significance but is also a city where there has been a great deal of intolerance in various ways. There are a few believers but no church. Come, water the seeds that are lying in rocky soil.

Open doors!

Several of the team went to a village hoping to meet people there - travelling by minibus a conversation started which ended with the team visiting their home, a place under a mosque and a father who is the imam. Hmm interesting start that lead to one of the team sharing with the family about what Jesus had done for them. Several received prayer and an interesting conversation started about the NT. Another conversation started from a bathroom to eating together with several people and several questions lead to them receiving a NT too. A bcc contact joined us for a chat over a meal with some other beleiver's and the gospel was shared that night again. the Lord is working and opening doors in this place!

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    Pray for a team that has gone to Sivas for ministry. Ask that God would annoint the times they had with people who were interested, particularly... more

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