Sivas has historical significance but is also a city where there has been a great deal of intolerance in various ways. There are a few believers but no church. Come, water the seeds that are lying in rocky soil.

Gathering the saints in Sivas

Photo from Sivas

An amazing opportunity the team had in Sivas was to host a gathering of four male local believers. Most had never seen the others. The team was able to pray, read a passage of Scripture with them, and then have tea and snacks. One of the men had found a New Testament in the trash 4 years ago and started to read it. At first he found it nonsense, but still kept reading it and has now read it several times. Because of his public job, he doesn't make it known that he believes in Jesus. In fact, he said "If they knew what I was doing here right now, they would stone me!" One of the other men had become interested in the gospel after having visited several churches in other countries. He was still new in his faith and so the team tried to help explain some concepts. So after they answered his question about different denominations and which one we belong to, he summarized it so well by saying: "Oh, so we're directly connected to the center! Please pray for these new believers and for the planting of a strong church in Sivas!

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