Sivas has historical significance but is also a city where there has been a great deal of intolerance in various ways. There are a few believers but no church. Come, water the seeds that are lying in rocky soil.

"There's something more important than marriage!"

Photo from Sivas

A group of three women - one a longtermer in Turkey and one in a neighbouring country - headed to the university to engage with female students. Because it was a rainy, cold day, they went first to the library. There they met Esen and Hülya, headscarfed and giggly. After a chat, they took them to the English department where they met an English professor and then the girls introduced them to other friends. The typical girlish chatter stopped when Vickie declared: “I think there’s something more important than being married!” When they chorused in unison “What??!”, Vickie was able to share about a relationship with God. When Claudia asked if they had ever read the İncil they said they hadn't but "We want to but can’t find one!” They were amazed and delighted when both Vickie and Lizzie produced New Testaments from their bags! The five of them went out to dinner together where the conversation was all about faith. Hülya was particularly seeking and asked so many good questions that Claudia felt it was the best time of sharing in her three years in Turkey. Pray for these girls.

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    A longterm worker brought a team of five Americans to see what God would do in Sivas. The three men were walking and praying that God would lead... more

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