Şırnak was once part of Siirt but because of a desire to strengthen the border regions with Iraq and Syria, it was made its own province. Terrorism once scarred its people and things again are volatile. Come, bring joy to Şırnak.

Overflowing mercy

Photo from Şırnak

During our first 1881 outreach, Şırnak was the last province to be reached and due to security issues, we instead posted in 100 New Testaments to various addresses culled on the internet. But God's ways are not our ways! Who would have guessed that He would bring some of the most unreached people in the world to be refugees in Şırnak province? A family from İstanbul have felt so deeply the need that they have moved with their three tiny children to live in Şırnak for a year. Being locals, they have amazing opportunities and their love and mercy is having an effect, not just on the refugees, but also on the Turkish staff in the camp in which they're working. Many people ask, "Why is it that it is only the Christians helping us??" Pray for them as the minister to refugees in a very harsh environment, now that winter is upon them.