Şırnak was once part of Siirt but because of a desire to strengthen the border regions with Iraq and Syria, it was made its own province. Terrorism once scarred its people and things again are volatile. Come, bring joy to Şırnak.

The last province

Photo from Şırnak

What to do? We had seen God do amazing things in the more than 100 outreaches that happened in 80 of the 81 provinces in the country. But because of the Syrian conflict and unrest in the southeast, the pastor closest to the area begged us not to go. We wanted to honour and show respect to this dear brother. So how to tell Şırnak that Jesus loved them? We went back to our roots! The BCC originally began by sending Gospel letters and an invitation for the BCC to addresses from phone directories. Well, there aren't phone books any more - but there IS the internet! Culling 100 addresses from Şırnak from the internet, we sent a New Testament in a language they could understand and a letter explaining the Gospel to each address. In the letter, we added a picture of a big sign saying that we loved the people of Şırnak.