Sinop dates back to 4500 BC! An attack by Russia here in 1853 led to the Crimean War. There was once a large Greek population and ruins of churches are prominent. But there are no living stones here. Surely God has good things for Sinop.

Bench evangelism

Photo from Sinop

Sinop is full of people from all over the country on holiday! One team member sat next to Metin who is in Sinop for a construction job. Metin admitted he had never read the holy books so Dan encouraged him that he should. He remembered that the SD card tract had Kurdish on it so he offered it to Metin as a gift. Metin's friend Abdullah joined them and upon learning the topic of conversation was the holy books, he told Metin he should read the Qur'an in Turkish so he understood it. He also amazingly declared that people think the Bible is changed but that it can't be, it's ridiculous to think that God couldn't protect his books! Dan asked if Abdullah would be willing to read the Incil so Dan gave him one as a gift, briefly explaining its message. They exchanged numbers and hope to meet again. Dan's other team members also have stories of sitting on a bench, engaging people in conversation and leaving them with a New Testament.

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