Sinop dates back to 4500 BC! An attack by Russia here in 1853 led to the Crimean War. There was once a large Greek population and ruins of churches are prominent. But there are no living stones here. Surely God has good things for Sinop.

Praying for a new heart

Photo from Sinop

Some members of the team distributed tracts as other team mates played guitar and sang worship songs to guys in a park. They were a bit concerned that Ramadan would make people very sensitive and unwilling to walk. As they continued to sing, one old man came up and realised that they knew Turkish and so got involved in a conversation. Two of the guys were able to share the good news of the gospel with him. They also prayed for his heart and the troubles he had encountered in life, even though he didn’t agree with what they shared. Pray that God would replace this dear man's heart with a heart of flesh for his heart of stone.

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