Sinop dates back to 4500 BC! An attack by Russia here in 1853 led to the Crimean War. There was once a large Greek population and ruins of churches are prominent. But there are no living stones here. Surely God has good things for Sinop.

What would Jesus do?

Photo from Sinop
What Would Jesus Do

Dan and Kent met two Afghan guys in a park. One, a Turkmen, could speak some Turkish but the other only spoke Farsi. The Turkmen no longer considered himself a Muslim. He was tired of war and had heard that Jesus was different. Dan and Kent shared that the message of the New Testament is love and that Jesus even taught us to love our enemies. Their new Turkmen friend liked that. He also said that he would learned the phrase 'what would Jesus do?' from the internet and that he had a Christian friend on Facebook who told him to get a Bible. He has now downloaded a Farsi Bible. Pray for him, that he would enter a new relationship in Christ.

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    Sinop is full of people from all over the country on holiday! One team member sat next to Metin who is in Sinop for a construction job. Metin... more

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