Sinop dates back to 4500 BC! An attack by Russia here in 1853 led to the Crimean War. There was once a large Greek population and ruins of churches are prominent. But there are no living stones here. Surely God has good things for Sinop.

English and German stories!

On another occasion when we were out we saw a lady limping and were able to pray for her. She had lived in Germany for 40 years and recently returned to Sinop and was able to speak fluent German. We told her about Jesus and why they had come to pray for people We also met some English speakers that took us out for ice cream and we shared testimonies with them and the gospel. We gave them each a Bible too. Myself and another girl saw a lady in a wheelchair and asked to pray for her, she was definitely touched and then we talked a bit longer and got tea together, we were able to hear more about her life and her dreams, and share why we came to Sinop. We gave her a mary magdalene dvd before we left. It was truly an amazing opportunity to share and pray in different languages for others.

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