Sinop dates back to 4500 BC! An attack by Russia here in 1853 led to the Crimean War. There was once a large Greek population and ruins of churches are prominent. But there are no living stones here. Surely God has good things for Sinop.

Land of the sun, dove and fish

Photo from Sinop

Sinop warmly welcomed the group of five women who recently went to there to share. The team writes: "One couple who runs a restaurant was very warm–they listened to the full gospel message intently, and the other staff joined around to listen as well–some diners also overheard some truths. The husband was intent on discussing the mistruths he had been taught, while the wife was happy to be prayed for. They gladly received Bibles and DVDs. The Lord used the rainy weather to direct us into coffee shops and cafes where a young mother happily received prayer and a New Testament, and another woman sheltered us from the rain and received a gift. A young business woman listened to our message, asked sincere questions, and said she would like to read the Injil. A few young families, some shopkeepers and other individuals gladly accepted Gospel pamphlets, DVDs or Injils as we chatted with them. We left with new friendships, and sincere invitations to visit or keep in touch. May the local emblem symbols of a sun, dove and fish be an expression of future faith in this province!"