Siirt has a strongly visible military presence because of the security situation. It is one of the most conservative provinces with many children not attending school after the 4th or 5th grade. There are no known believers.

Tea, popcorn and Jesus

Photo from Siirt

A team of five women travelled to Siirt and share about their first evening... "The restaurant in Siirt offered a great meal, but we didn't want just food, we wanted to meet women to talk to. One of our team noticed two conservative girls drinking tea at a table near by. At our invitation, they joined us at our table and before long our conversation turned to spiritual topics. We discovered they were students and part of a Muslim sect which, together with financial assistance, ensures that adherents are well trained in Muslim doctrine. Our discussion was very intense so we were thrilled when they asked us to visit their house. We spent hours with them, drinking tea and eating the popcorn which they peeled off dried corn cobs and popped for us. As the hour grew later and as other roommates joined in, the talk began to reveal their concerns, fears and the weaknesses of Islam. We left them with prayer, Incils (New Testaments), Jesus DVDs, and exchanged telephone numbers. We continue to be in contact with them. Please pray for these keen young women students".