Şanlıurfa's name was Edessa and a centre of Nestorian Christianity. Much of it was destroyed during the time of the Crusades. There are some believers who struggle meeting together.

God is moving

Photo from Şanlıurfa

The famous fish pond in Şanlıurfa was an excellent place to interact with people. The team spoke to a group of disillusioned young guys and they were able to share in depth with them. In the evening, a young lawyer shared how disappointed she was with religion and her grief in losing her father. The team shared as well as prayed with her. The next evening at the park they met Metin, a 35 year old man with crippled legs. They shared with him a long time and his financial debts had him deep in worry. The team gave him a New Testament and prayed with him, exchanging numbers so they could keep in touch in the future. The roof of the hotel became a gospel lecture hall as the team would have deep, spiritual conversations with many of the guests there. They answered questions about faith and gave each person literature. They were struck by how intently people listened to what they shared. In Harran, Abraham's home town, a woman shared her deep struggles in life and the team prayed for her. Another woman seeing this, came over for prayer as well! God is moving!

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    A believer in a town in Şanlıurfa province invited the team to come visit him. He and his friend are the only believers in town. The team met with... more

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