Şanlıurfa's name was Edessa and a centre of Nestorian Christianity. Much of it was destroyed during the time of the Crusades. There are some believers who struggle meeting together.

Good news for the family of Abraham

Photo from Şanlıurfa

A team from the US just recently traveled to Şanlıurfa, near the location of Abraham's birthplace. This ancient city of about 800,000 inhabitants has no Christian church and only a handful of Christian workers and believers. Our hearts are full of praise to our awesome God for the many doors He opened for the team there. One mother walked up to some of our team members and insisted they come to her home. A need for toothpaste led us to a shop where the Muslim owner had recently received a copy of the New Testament from his Muslim brother. God had once again paved the way for us to proclaim the gospel. We sat down in his store and did Bible studies from Genesis, Exodus, and the gospel of John. While one of our teams was ministering to a Syrian refugee family, the 17 year-old daughter shared that she wanted to know how she could have a clean heart. This was after Elaine shared her testimony and how Jesus had forgiven her and given her a clean heart. Thank you for your prayers!!