Şanlıurfa's name was Edessa and a centre of Nestorian Christianity. Much of it was destroyed during the time of the Crusades. There are some believers who struggle meeting together.

Combing the highways and byways

Photo from Şanlıurfa

In a provincial town close to Urfa the 65-year old Malaysian sister in our group with her younger co-worker approached a family but they couldn't communicate. Seeing the difficulty a man came up to help. After the questionnaire was completed the family accepted books, etc. The man (a doctor) declined the questionnaire for himself but was pleased to receive a New Testament! In another provincial town of Urfa, my wife and her co-workers from Malaysia were being invited to visit every time they are in the area. We had all had the experience of having our offer of New Testaments accepted by locals. In yet another, smaller provincial town of Urfa as we stopped for diesel. the pump attendant insisted on providing tea for us all. By the time the tea arrived the ladies in our group had disappeared... prayer-walking and doing surveys! God is good! More than 50 copies of The Four Prophets of Urfa as well as many New Testaments and DVDs were distributed!"