Samsun has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It is from here that Atatürk led the war of independence. There is a growing local church led by a pastor with a passion to reach the neighbouring provinces. Come and encourage them.

Cure for insomnia

Photo from Samsun

Oppressive heat in Samsun during July didn’t prevent an international team from reaching out. After napping in the day, they headed out to the seafront in the evening. They did some musical performances which helped gather a crowd and many, many brochures and evangelistic DVDs were distributed. But people didn’t just want literature – they wanted to talk. The guys were in the cafes sharing with other guys and the girls were sitting with other girls in small groups. One of the team was sharing with a staunchly Muslim couple while two of the girls were sharing with their daughter! Deep conversations were had by the whole team, even late into the night. The team returned to their hotel in the early hours of the morning, rejoicing in all the good seed that had been sown.