Samsun has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It is from here that Atatürk led the war of independence. There is a growing local church led by a pastor with a passion to reach the neighbouring provinces. Come and encourage them.

Sowing in Samsun

Photo from Samsun

Samsun is a hard place! The people are suspicious and somewhat rejecting, considering the warm and generous hospitality in so much of the country. A short-term team spent two days here. A lot of attempts to give literature were rejected but there were some good conversations. Two of the guys spoke to a man about a place he travels to every month where people practically worship a man there whom they believe has a special connection to Allah. Their new friend was open, accepted a New Testament and even wrote notes while the gospel was being shared with him! Meanwhile, some of the girls discovered high school students who are involved with television and filming. Joy was able to share some of the Gospel, and they were listening very intently and were curious to hear more. Keith was able to talk about forgiveness with a man he sat with for a while, sharing Bible stories on the topic and gifting the man with a New Testament. They exchanged contact details and the man called him a few minutes later to make sure they'd be able to stay in contact, which is encouraging. Please pray!