Sakarya is most commonly known as Adapazarı after its capital city. It has been devastated at different times by earthquakes. Sakarya has villages in its environs of different people groups who have not heard the good news.

A good news stop

Photo from Sakarya

Our Abraham theatre group was travelling back to Istanbul, a bit disheartened by what had happened in Bilecik and longing to have a positive end to their tour. Stopping for dinner along the motorway, they realised that the 'tesis' (restaurant complex) where they were eating was large and sprawling, with different places to picnic and eat. The team set up tables on a large concrete area and after a quick sandwich, cleared it all away and set up the show. Since this was a place where bus after bus empties its passengers for a 30 minute break, an audience assembled immediately. Being travellers, they were all rather uninhibited and some even joined in the dancing! By the time the message of Jesus being the last sacrifice was proclaimed, not only were there over 100 people watching but most of them were filming it on their cell phones! The audience only dispersed because of the bus drivers yelling for them to board. The team was encouraged to think of all the conversations that were happening in the cars and buses about Jesus and his sacrifice. Please pray for these seeds!