Sakarya is most commonly known as Adapazarı after its capital city. It has been devastated at different times by earthquakes. Sakarya has villages in its environs of different people groups who have not heard the good news.

Sharing and prayer

Photo from Sakarya

A creative arts team travelled to northwest Anatolia with a marionette show telling three parables of Jesus. In Sakarya they started with music, even singing Turkish worship choruses. People were curious, and a few team members talked with a shoe shiner, telling him a different Bible story as each new customer approached. They also prayed for healing for an elderly man. In another park, the team again began with music and some conversations started as people realized they were playing Turkish songs. After a while, the team asked their new friends if they could do a show for them. As the show started, the crowd quickly grew to about 70 people, leaving the team scrambling for enough literature for them all! At another show, the reactions after the show included an angry elderly woman telling them to take their “garbage” and go back to their countries. There were, however, some other great conversations, one in which a team member prayed for a man who had lost many people in his family. Pray for this man and many others to know the comfort and peace of their Creator!